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Connecticut Traffic Violations

Most traffic violations in Connecticut are considered infractions.  ( an infraction is a minor legal violation that is punishable only by a fine.)  Any motor vehicle infraction that is reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles can affect the amount that you pay for insurance premiums.  If you accumulate enough traffic violations within a three year period you might have your license suspended.

In Connecticut a traffic ticket can be returned to the Centralized Infraction Bureau with the fine payment or with a not guilty plea.  If you return it with a not guilty plea you will receive a court date with a prosecutor where you can discuss the circumstances of the ticket with a prosecutor.  An attorney that has the experience with traffic violations can assist you.

Some traffic offenses are considered criminal violations and can be punished by up to one year in jail if they are misdemeanors or more if they are felonies.  (e.g. multiple “driving while intoxicated” or “driving under the influence” convictions or a “vehicular manslaughter” conviction)

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