How Do I Get Information About My Mortgage?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has recently enacted some new regulations which increase your access to information about your loan and create a new means for you to report errors related to your loan servicing.

Difficult Foreclosure Decisions

The number of homes newly in foreclosure, combined with the foreclosed homes already on the market, means depressed prices for residential real estate across the board. Now may be the right time for you to consult with Attorney Gregg Wagman regarding your options.

What is the 25 Billion Dollar Mortgage Settlement worth to you?

25 billions dollars of the workout may not be as comprehensive or as good for the consumer as has been touted.

Someone From Out-of-State Cannot Defend Your CT Foreclosure

To defend a Connecticut Foreclosure or handle any legal matter in Connecticut you need a lawyer that is licensed in Connecticut.

Connecticut’s New Foreclosure Mediation Rules

Connecticut has made foreclosures a little friendlier for homeowners.

The Latest Foreclosure Changes for Connecticut – 8 Month Hold for Those in Foreclosure Mediation

The latest changes to the foreclosure process in Connecticut

Outsourcing Foreclosure

Lender Processing Service (LPS) is the most popular system lenders use to deal with delinquent loans. The LPS is a mostly automated system that has been recently been accused of fraud. This accusation stems from the Wilson Case which involves the Wilson family and the Boles Firm. The Wilsons were filing for bankruptcy and when […]

Foreclose or Re-Negotiate?

Foreclosures are rampant throughout the nation during this time of economic turbulence. The question is: will these foreclosures help the economy bounce back or are we making a bad situation worse? John Taylor the President and CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition strongly believes that foreclosures will be the nail in the coffin of […]

Beware of Foreclosure Scams

“Forensic loan auditors” prey on homeowners in debt. They promise to completely wipe out loans no matter what you’re situation by investigating your mortgage loan. If they promise to find legal issues with your loan that will allow you to sue your lender which they claim will speed the process to alter you loan. The […]

Should I do a Short Sale for my Home or let my Home go in Foreclosure?

It depends. If you are current on your mortgage and all of your other bills a short sale is probably the better option. It will drop your FICO (credit score) score 85- 160 points. You may be able to purchase a new home fairly soon after the sale – BUT it may be difficult to […]