The Supreme Court says your Cell Phone is Private

The Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling this week clarifying the limits on police examination of cell phone data.

Is your Smart Phone entitled to Privacy?

If you’re stopped and arrested for not wearing a seat belt or another minor infraction, do the police have a right to take your cell phone and, without a warrant, access all the information listed above, and more?

Can you sue the Bank if somebody Embezzles from you?

An embezzlement case before the Connecticut Appellate Court this week may more clearly delineate the rights of account holders and the responsibilities of banks, but whatever the outcome, one thing is clear: business owners, pay attention to your bank statements. In 2012, a New London County jury found that Bank of America was 95% responsible […]

Was the Sentence for the Murderer of Eugene Mallove Fair?

What is a fair sentence for a murder? The comments in the New London Day show that many people do not understand our system of justice.

How Accurate are Fingerprints?

Fingerprint information

Marijuana is Decriminalized in CT as of July 1, 2011

Marijuana is decriminalized in Connecticut

Changes in the DUI (or DWI) Laws in Connecticut

License suspensions for DWI’s (driving while intoxicated) have been eased

We need to rethink our treatment of “sex offenders”

Sex offender laws designed to stop predator pedophiles are to broad and ensnare many who should not be prosecuted.