Connecticut’s New Foreclosure Mediation Rules

Connecticut has made foreclosures a little friendlier for homeowners.

DOMA will not cause a same-sex joint bankruptcy to be dismissed

DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) does not cause a same-sex bankruptcy to be dismissed

Changes in the DUI (or DWI) Laws in Connecticut

License suspensions for DWI’s (driving while intoxicated) have been eased

The Latest Foreclosure Changes for Connecticut – 8 Month Hold for Those in Foreclosure Mediation

The latest changes to the foreclosure process in Connecticut

What does a “Short Sale” do to my credit score


Discharging Student Loans

Student Loan Discharges in Bankruptcy

Outsourcing Foreclosure

Lender Processing Service (LPS) is the most popular system lenders use to deal with delinquent loans. The LPS is a mostly automated system that has been recently been accused of fraud. This accusation stems from the Wilson Case which involves the Wilson family and the Boles Firm. The Wilsons were filing for bankruptcy and when […]

What is “Lien Stripping” in Bankruptcy? (or can I really get rid of a second mortgage?)

Due to the decline in housing prices in a rarely used bankruptcy technique has begun to get additional use. The process of “lien stripping’’ involves a homeowner filing under Chapter 13 (“payback plan”) asking the Bankruptcy Court to turn a secured second mortgage into a unsecured debt. This would eliminate monthly payments on the second […]

NACBA’s Position on the “Notary Legislation”

Dear NACBA Member, No doubt you have seen media reports about H.R. 3808, the “Interstate Recognition of Notarization Act,” which would have required every state to recognize notarizations that are made lawful by any single state. This bill, first introduced in 2005 by Rep. Robert Aderholt (R, AL), was passed by the House earlier this […]

How Conflict of Interest Leads to Foreclosure

How Conflict of Interest Leads to Foreclosure When a mortgage is taken out by a homeowner through a bank the homeowner is often unaware that the bank merely acts as a middle man. Banks will often collect monthly mortgage payments and pass them along to large lenders such as mutual funds. When banks create a […]