Zombie Debt Collectors

Zombie Debt Collectors Zombie debt collectors are not the deceased bodies of collectors that attack you but are collectors who attempt to collect debts that are long gone. They purchase the rights to your debt from creditors for cheap and will call debtors and attempt to coerce a payment. They can call at any time […]

How Helpful Are Debt Settlement Companies?

How Helpful Are Debt Settlement Companies? Debt Settlement Agencies are companies that will communicate with a debtors creditors in order to reduce one’s debts. These companies reduce the need for the creditor and the debtor to interact which is alluring to debtors who wish to end phone calls from their creditors. These companies often quote […]

Why Choose Chapter 13?

Why Choose Chapter 13? When filing for bankruptcy you must know whether you are filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13. There are many differences between the two for they are configured for people in different situations. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed for people without a steady income and who do not […]

Beware of Foreclosure Scams

“Forensic loan auditors” prey on homeowners in debt. They promise to completely wipe out loans no matter what you’re situation by investigating your mortgage loan. If they promise to find legal issues with your loan that will allow you to sue your lender which they claim will speed the process to alter you loan. The […]