How to get your free credit report is the federally mandated web site to get your free credit report.  You are able to get 1 free credit report per year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies.  The other web sites that promise free credit reports are not free. (including the ones with the catchy songs.) If you go to […]

Homeowners underwater may want to default – reasons why.

Beyond Guilt in the Housing Crisis: The Morality of Strategic Default
Brent T. White?
Abstract: Responding to those who argue that homeowners who strategically default on their mortgages are immoral and socially irresponsible, this article argues that breaching a mortgage contract is not only morally acceptable, it may be the most responsible course of action when necessary to fulfill more important obligations to one’s family.

Who Owns Your Mortgage? A question that can become very important in a foreclosure.

How to Find the Owner of Your Mortgage posted by Katie Porter Concerns continue about parties filing foreclosures when they do not own the note. Florida recently enacted a rules requiring plaintiffs in foreclosure to verify ownership of the note. (Here’s a brief article on the rules, with the original subheading “Bankers Don’t Like It”). While these concerns […]

Housing Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP) information

New Decision regarding a banks level of proof needed in a Foreclosure

Aurora v. Riggs This case is from the Fourth District of Florida.  It requires the bank to be able to prove (with an audit trail) that it actually is the correct plaintiff. O. Max Gardner’s analysis is as follows : This decision is extremely important and should be utilized in all foreclosure matters whether in […]

Bankruptcy continues to be a solution for people who have lost jobs, divorced or gotten ill

Bankruptcy is now even more of a solution for many people than ever before.  Job loss, divorce or medical debt account for the great majority of  filings.  Chapter 7 or fresh start is the bankruptcy of choice for many people although a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can do more for those clients that need that type […]