Debt becomes criminalized in ever increasing ways

Being poor becomes additionally difficult through a variety of laws. Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor? NY Times By BARBARA EHRENREICH In defiance of all reason and compassion, the criminalization of poverty has actually been intensifying as the recession generates ever more of it.

We need to rethink our treatment of “sex offenders”

Sex offender laws designed to stop predator pedophiles are to broad and ensnare many who should not be prosecuted.

Consumer Credit continues to contract

Consumer credit continues to decline.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is banks are reducing credit limits and squeezing any customer they view as possibly risky so they can reduce their risk.  The second reason is that consumers are not borrowing as much and are reducing their debt loads.  Jobs continue to contract […]

Can investors stop your mortgage modification?

Modifying a loan can be difficult.